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Centre for Health Information Studies and

Centre for Health Ind=formation Studies and Solutions (CHISS) is an organization of specialists in Health Information and Informatics, Mediacal Coding and Revenue Cycle Management with a reputation for obtaining outstanding results associated with Healthcare management process, functions and Revenue Cycle Management. We provide high-quality and cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions to customers around the globe. We help you collect payments on submitted claims, increase the revenue from underpaid claims, and follow-up with insurance companies for quick settlements.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Consultancy Services

We help you manage your RCM in order to maximize reimbursements and minimize healthcare revenue cycle compliance risks.

Outsourcing of Revenue Cycle Functions

Hiring us as your revenue cycle management team will help you meet collection targets, support role function and lower staffing issues.

Claims Process, Evaluation and Enhancement

Going through the complicated claim process can be really flustering for those in healthcare sector. We help ease the process.


For each of our clients we build virtual teams and remote groups for managing outsourced projects for maximizing ROI for them.

Set Your Goals

We Are There To Work For You

The Goal of Chiss is to provide with sound and efficient "Planned Practice Management" that will help your organization to practice financially thrive in today's rapidly changing, challenging and highly competative health care environment. The key to our success is to maximize your profits and improve your cash flow which will allow you to do what you do best; which enable to provide quality patient care.


To promote Healthcare management excellence, introduce new horizons of career in the field of Healthcare management


Promote excellence in Healthcae management
Establish international level traning centers to train Healthcare management studies
Promote Health management career amoung youngsters
Establish quality Business process outsourcing in Healthcare sector

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