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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Consultancy

Chiss can help you to analyze your current revenue cycle operations and focus on ways to improve revenue capture and collection. Revvenue problems rarely stem from a single source; they are most often the result of deficiencies in staff education, training, staffing levels, workflow, or inadequate usage of computer software (EMR and others). Each deficiency must be addressed as part of a coordinated solution to obtain real improvement.

Revenue Cycle consultancy Services

We will complete a detailed assessment of the revenue to identify oppertunities for improvement of your overall revenue operations and recommendations for the creation, implementation and monitoring of workable solutions.

All assessment finding and recommentations are presented to and discussed with senior management to ensure all rlated questions are answered and priority of work is established. A detailed work plan is then developed with the identification of specific tasks required for successful implementation of all assessment recommendations

Client Benefits

RCM Consultancy Client Benefits

Increased Accuracy of Account

We ensure 100% charge capture to ensure every service performed is billed leading to increased account accuracy.

Timely Verification and Processing

The documents, process are verified on time to ensure that delays and rejections do not happen during later stages.

Enhanced Medical Documentation

All the documentation related to medical practices is handled by us so that you can concentrate on your practice.

Revenue Maximization

By stream lining the management system properly, we are able
to maximize the revenue

Coding Accuracy

We have specific, proven billing and coding expertise with which we are able to accurately code and execute.

Reduced AR days Outstanding

Properly managed revenue cycle management ensures that the AR days outstanding are reduced considerably.

Lower Bad Dept & Increased Cash Flow

Comprehensive accounts receivable management system is put in force to increase cash flow and reduces bad debts.

Reduced Volume of claim denials

We undertake aggressive denial, appeal, and underpayment management so that the volume of claim denials is minimized.

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